Shelyn Elementary School

Small School, Big Heart! Shelyn Goes Above and Beyond With Their Pennies For Patients Campaign.

Tension was high at Shelyn Elementary this morning. Students had met their Pennies for Patients goal of $5000. In fact They exceeded the school goal by almost $2000! Students waited to see beloved Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Ruud, fulfill her promise to shave her head is they reached $5000. Mrs. Ruud and Mrs. Opatkiewicz took to the stage and the audience hushed as Mrs. Ruud was shorn of her locks. The students gave a great cheer as she finished and gave a big congratulations and thumbs up.
At recess time the crowd gathered to watch students who raised $100 or more hurl whipped cream pies at Principal Opatkiewicz. Eleven students in all were able to cover their principal in whipped cream. Landen Del Mar, pie thrower, said, "It was fun. I feel sorry for Mrs. Opatkiewicz because I threw really hard." Another student, Mia Graciano said, "I really enjoyed hearing the kids cheering my name when I threw the pie. It made me feel powerful."
A $50+ DJ dance party was held during lunch for students. The students said, "We loved singing and dancing with our friends. We felt special being VIPs and having a private party."
The students were inspired by their L & L society hero, Mia Graciano who beat leukemia as a very young child. Mia said, "I think it's important to help kids so they won't have to go through what my family and I went through. Thank you to everybody who donated."
The students can't wait to double their fundraising goal next year!