3rd -5th Graders Register NOW for Music Classes for the 2022-23 School Year

Instructions For Current 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders Needing to Register for Elementary Music Classes for the 2022-23 School Year

  1. Please have your 10-digit student ID number ready. You can find this number [email protected] in the letter that was mailed to your mailing address. You will need to input this on the registration form below.
  2. Please read all instructions below carefully before you register for a music class:

Current 3rd-5th Grade Students- COMPLETE Google Form link below for Music Class Registration for 2022-23 based on your language preference:

Elementary Music Class Registration Google forms (language preference)

ENGLISH: https://rb.gy/iqyxks
SPANISH: https://rb.gy/l7z5dq
CHINESE: https://rb.gy/dlidxo
KOREAN: https://rb.gy/4oco3m


“Music Class Registration Form for 2022-23” must be completed on or before Friday, May 13. Please visit your school website to complete the online class selection form. You will need to refer to your student’s 10-digit ID # when completing the form.

3. Music class change requests next school year may be difficult to accommodate after classes are Please choose your music class with the commitment to participate in the class for the entire school year.
4. If you are unable to complete the Class Selection Form online, please call Bryant Aquino, Music Program  Specialist or Maria Almazan (Spanish). See contact information below. 
5. Students who DO NOT complete the Music Class Selection form by Friday, May 13, 2022, will be placed in the next available class (non-preference). To avoid this, all parents/students will need to register for a music class before the deadline above.
6. If choice of music class is full, a student may be placed into another class that has space.
7. If you have any questions regarding the music registration process, please contact:

Bryant Aquino (VAPA Program Specialist)

Phone:  626-632-0480 (text preferred)

Email:  [email protected]


For Spanish assistance:

Maria Almazan (Administrative Secretary- Elementary Education)

Phone:  626-854-8371

Email:  [email protected]