Surf the Shelyn Wave with LONGBOARDS Ice Cream!!!

I don't know anybody who doesn't enjoy good food, but with the cost of living today eating out is a luxury. To help out with this, top chefs are hitting the road! Literally!! Gourmet Food Trucks offer some of the best, new, innovative food without the overhead of a swanky restaurant. Plus, they get the community around them talking. Shelyn is lucky enough to have one of the most delectable dessert trucks around, LONGBOARDS ICE CREAM TRUCK coming to our Open House.
They will have a variety of their signature ice cream bars for everyone to choose from. Plus, for every $4 Ice Cream bar sold, Longboards will donate $1 to Shelyn!! That's 25% of their sales! These ice creams are HUGE, and absolutely delicious.
I, for one, am bringing a cooler so I can take some home to enjoy!!